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EMU Classic




Full Sequential up to 6 Cylinders

Bank Fire up to 12 Cylinders

Batch Fire up to 12 Cylinders


Oxygen Sensor Bosch LSU4.2 Wideband or Wire NBO

EGT Sensor 2 Channels Type K Thermocouples

Crank/CAM/VSS Sensor Input VR/Hall (Software Configurable)

Analogue Voltage Inputs 4 Channels 0-5v

Temperature Inputs 2 Channel (CLT/IAT)

Other Analogue Input – TPS Input

Knock Sensor Input 2 Channels

Map Sensor Built In 4 Bar

Barometric Pressure Sensor Built In


Ignition Outputs – 6 Active/Passive Coils

Injector Outputs – 6 High Impedance Injectors

Aux Outputs – 6 up to 5 Amps

Stepper Motor Outputs – 4 (Bipolar/Unipolar Stepper Motors)

Spare – Injector Outputs as Aux

Spare – Stepper Motor Outputs as Aux up to 1 Amp


Windows USB 2.0

Other – EXT Port (CAN BUS/Bluetooth)


Real Time Data Logging

Boost Control Open/Closed Loop

WBO Closed Loop with 3D AFR Table

Stepper Motor Idle Control

Idle Bypass Valve Idle Control

Knock Control

Gear Dependent Shift Light

Check Engine Light

Fueling Algorithms Speed Density. Alpha-N/MAP

VE Table Resolution 0.10%

Ignition Angle Resolution 0.5 Degrees

Nitrous Injection

Advanced Accelerator Enrichment

Per Cylinder Fuel Trim

Per Cylinder Ignition Trim

Launch Control

ALS Control

Password Protected

User Defined RPM/Load Breakpoints

Tacho/Rev Output

Injector Calibration

IAT/CLT Sensor Calibration

Coil Dwell Time Calibration

Pit Speed Limit

Flex-Fuel Sensor Support

Variable Valve Timing

VAN BUS Communication with External Module

Drive-By-Wire with External Module