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EMU Black





Temperature Range AECQ100 Grade 2 (-40 to 105 degrees Celsius)

Reverse Battery Protection

Operating Voltage 6-22 Volts


Injectors Up To 8 High Impedance

Injection Angle Control 0-720 Degrees/Start or End

Battery Compensation

Fueling Strategies VE Based Speed Density/Alpha-N

Air Charge Temperature Based on IAT/CLT

VE Table 2 Tables 16×20(Load X RPM) Resolution of 0.1%

Individual Injector Trim/Staged Injection

Additional Correction – Oxygen, EGT (per cylinder), Barometric, TPS vs MAP, TPS vs RPM, Warmup, Nitrous, LC, ALS, ASE, Fuel Pressure, Knock Sensor

Lambda Based Real Time Correction using Lambda/AFR Target Table

ACC/Deceleration Enrichment


Trigger Inputs 1 Primary 2 Camshaft Hall/VR (Software Selectable)

Ignition Outputs 6 Outputs 15 Amps(Passive/Active Coils)(Software Selectable)

Supported Triggers N-1, N-2, N-3, N+1, Multitooth, Subaru, Nissan, Lotus, Audi, Renault Clio Williams/Alpine, Colt 1.5CZ

Ignition Angle Table 2 Tables 16X20 (Load X RPM) Resolution 0.5 Degrees

Per Cylinder Trim

Dwell Time Battery Compensation

Odd Fire

Additional Correction CLT,IAT,TPS vs MAP,Nitrous,Idle, Knock Sensor,LC,Pit Limiter, ALS, Flat Shift, Timers, ACC Enrichment

Knock Sensing:

2 Channels

Resonant Frequency Range 1-20kHz, 3rd order AAF

Sampling Ignition Event Driven/Knock Window

Actions Ignition Retard, Fuel Enrichment, Dashboard Indication

Variable Valve Timing:

VVTi, MiVec, VANOS,Double Vanos

2 Camshafts

Control Strategy PID Closed Loop, CAM Angle Target Tables 12X12

Idle Control:

Control Type PWM Solenoids(2,3 Wires) Drive-by-Wire, Stepper Motors(Bipolar/Unipolar) Ignition Cut/Fuel Cut

Control Strategies Open/Close Loop, Ignition Angle Control

VE Correction Alpha-N

Corrections AC Clutch, Coolant Fan, Analog Input

Boost Control:

Boost Ref and Target Tables 2 Sets 10X10 (TPS vs RPM)

Control Strategies Open/Closed Loop (PID Based)

Corrections Gear/VSS/IAT/EGT


Aux Outputs Full Bridge up to 7 Amps

Control Strategy Advanced 3D PIP and Static Friction Compensation

Supported Throttles DC current<6.5 Amps

PPS to Throttle Position Characteristics 3D Table

ALS Support/BLIP Support